Summer Season of Culture Begins

Anne Frank at the Gilbert was great. I later forgot, but I saw the Director the same performance I went and alerted him I would be sending him a thank you card. The performances were visceral. I have read Anne Frank on several occasions long ago as an English major. As a result, I was hesitant to go see the play initially. I knew the subject and that Anne Frank’s life did not end well. However, I decided the idea of seeing what is offered in Fayetteville was worth my seeing how Anne Frank would be handled as a production. How would the Director handle Anne Frank so that her story could be felt, but people would not leave dishearten, sadden beyond being consoled? Believing as I do the test of the impact of something experienced is that it resonates long after the applause, long after the lights come up and you get in your car. As it was a matinee performance, the unexpectant thrill was that as I was leaving the Gilbert Theater so were several of those who performed in the play. I was almost giddy as I congratulated several of them for their performances. This production of Anne Frank was memorable. The ending, although sad was also appropriate, we got a chance to see the actual pictures, faces of those who had been portrayed. It eased the sadness of the actual outcome of Anne Frank, her family and those who also hid with them.

The final production of the Cape Fear Regional Theater, Caroline was attended. Honestly, among the productions, I did not really enjoy this final offering. I found it to be at times confusing. Many of the songs, as it was a musical, the words were muddled and although the voices were good, the listener could not make out the actual words being sung. While walking to my car, meeting other theater goers, a question of the ending came up. Therefore, it was not clear the conclusion outcome. I did enjoy the season though. Several of the plays this season, I even saw twice, Baskerville, Intimate Apparel before that one. So, all and all, I am excited and waiting anxiously for my tickets for the next season of Discovery, which is the theme of Cape Fear Regional Theater. I have become a satisfied, well, mostly satisfied theater goer of Fayetteville. Now, the Summer season begins. I have also been attending Sweet Tea Shakespeare productions. Prior to Summer, they were held indoors. Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. Armed with mosquito repellant bracelets and two other forms of liquid repellants, planning on venturing out to the Poe House to see what they will be offering for the Summer. My cultural quest in Fayetteville continues….